Message from the Saygus Team

The V² (V Squared) provides a plethora of unique features and benefits to the user that are not found in current smartphones. Employing designers who hoped to break the mold of existing smartphone standards and expand the imagination of the consumer, we designed and created the new V². Its purpose as a super smartphone is to push the envelope of imagination to the benefit of consumers in diverse fields, occupations and interests worldwide opening a new door to the future of mobile communications.

Engineered with high-end components and materials, the new V² begins with Qualcomm’s Quad Core 2.5 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon Processor and provides its handler 64 GB of on-board flash memory and expandable memory storage that bests any competitor.

The V²’s impressive edge to edge border less 5″ 1080p FHD display also includes sunlight viewable capability allowing for video, movie or photo viewing in direct sunlight using and new technology from Silicon Valley.

The creators of HDMI and the HDMI standard, Silicon Image, have broken the mold again with their Wireless HD (60 GHz) technology. This new technology lets the user send HD wireless video to any monitor or TV through a 60 GHz dongle providing individuals, gamers and/or businesses with a new wireless viewing, playing and presenting experience in wireless HD, the first of its kind.

Using the front facing 13 MP and back 21 MP high end OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and auto-focus cameras of the V² will leave any “snap shot taker” cheerily looking for more opportunities to chronicle their experiences with our high resolution photos.

We have also equipped this new top of the line smartphone with a high energy/high capacity lithium-ion battery for maximum battery capacity giving the user a minimum of 3100 mAhs resulting with something in the range akin to 4500 mAhs overall under the power monitoring of a new battery saving technology. The Qi power charging from the Wireless Power Consortium also allows for wireless charging convenience.

The hardware components that provide the V²’s 3D audio experience from Harman Kardon are designed to give that coveted high fidelity audio feel while listening to favorite songs and/or watching movies, you tube videos and/or playing games.

The V²’s highly anticipated noise canceling technology allows Saygus to use only 2 mics while yielding the industries maximum noise reduction from this exciting new noise management technology, a Utah technology.

Also featured in the V² from our home state of Utah, is a new waterproofing technology with optimal moisture and water protection, and an online security technology for superb online protection.

More information on additional features will be provided in the coming weeks as well as videos demonstrating many of the exciting new ingredients found in the V².


The Saygus Team