The V SQUARED has a one year manufacturer’s warranty of parts and labor and the device is replaceable in the event of any manufacturers defect. The  warranty does not begin until the V SQUARED is received by the purchaser.

In the event that your phone has a defect, it should be returned immediately to the address provided to you as the “warranty center” which will be determined by your specific country, region or state. These warranty locations may also be made available for your review on our website prior to shipping. Some high level defects may require a different, yet specific, shipping address which will be provided to you in the owner’s manual or online during or around the shipping process time. Saygus will then send a replacement unit out to you, and cover the shipping costs, the same day it is received, if at all possible should the defect fault be ours.




If you are not satisfied with the V SQUARED for any reason, you may return it no later than the 14th day after it was delivered to you with the postage stamp dated no later than the 14th day for a full refund. However, return shipping will need to by paid by the customer if the V SQUARED is being permanently returned.



For those who receive the V SQUARED and for some reason do not like it, but who have used it, there will be a $39 restocking “opened package” fee upon return. Any return of unopened V SQUARED packages will not be charged a restocking fee. Thank you for understanding.



Until a service center is located close to you or in your country, all service will be provided by Saygus. If any service is needed to your device, please contact a Saygus representative through the available options once the phone has shipped. Together we will determine what the best resolution is for your device.


It is our intent to provide the highest quality product to you while matching the finest mobile device customer service available in the smartphone industry today. We certainly want each V SQUARED owner to enjoy their device and have a wonderful communications experience while using it each day. And for those of you who may change their mind, we welcome you to send it back to us as quickly as possible.

Please use the Saygus Support to ask your questions about our warranty, returns or customer service policies.

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