The V SQUARED’s location information is calculated by taking advantage of several technologies, and can be controlled* through software. It supports the American made GPS (Global Positioning System) augmented by A-GPS (Assisted GPS – Significantly improves the performance when acquiring a GPS fix), the Russian made GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Crowdsourced Wifi data, WiFi, LTE, IP addresses, and network environment data, GSM localization, Cell Identification, Cell Tower Triangulation, “Forward Link” trimming . . .

Note that it is usual for the end-user software to make use only of GPS, GLONASS, WiFi, and Cell Tower Triangulation.

* control of the built in location systems is dependent on software, either from the operating system or from an app.  Saygus has no current plans on releasing an app for such control.

GPS Software:

The V SQUARED’s GPS receiver will work with the current maps and software available on the App market, including Google Maps.

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