Frequently Asked Questions

Features and Specifications


One of the amazing features of the V SQUARED is its memory capacity.

The phone features 128GB of Onboard Flash Storage and 2 MicroSDXC slots supporting up to 256GB each. Amazing right?! This adds to a total of 640GB of storage capacity.

FM Radio

The V SQUARED features a built-in FM radio receiver. This features uses your headphones or ear-buds’ wires as an antenna.

SIM slots

The V SQUARED features dual Micro SIM cards!

GPS and Location

The V SQUARED’s location information is calculated by taking advantage of several technologies, and can be controlled* through software. It supports the American made GPS (Global Positioning System) augmented by A-GPS (Assisted GPS – Significantly improves the performance when acquiring a GPS fix), the Russian made GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Crowdsourced Wifi data, WiFi, LTE, IP addresses, and network environment data, GSM localization, Cell Identification, Cell Tower Triangulation, “Forward Link” trimming . . .

Note that it is usual for the end-user software to make use only of GPS, GLONASS, WiFi, and Cell Tower Triangulation.

* control of the built in location systems is dependent on software, either from the operating system or from an app.  Saygus has no current plans on releasing an app for such control.

GPS Software:

The V SQUARED’s GPS receiver will work with the current maps and software available on the App market, including Google Maps.


The V SQUARED’s PC Board is treated with a new to market water repellent coating.

That means that it can be submerged underwater without damaging the circuitry.

If the phone gets wet, it is OK, just dry it and continue using it as if nothing happened.  If it gets dirty, you may rinse it off with clean water, yes it’s OK to do that too.

Avoid using chemicals on it though, it is recommended that only clean water be used to rinse the V SQUARED.

Which cellular bands will the V SQUARED work on?

The V SQUARED will work on most carrier networks in the world.

GSM: Quad band(850/900/1800/1900MHz)
CDMA: 850/1900MHz
UMTS: Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
LTE: Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 25, 38, 41

What are the technical specifications of the V SQUARED?

Click here to see the tech specs of the V SQUARED

Which OS will it ship with?

Android 6.0.1 – Also known as “Marshmallow”

Which network carriers will the V SQUARED run on?

The V SQUARED will be available “unlocked” and work on US domestic and international GSM networks. You will simply put your current SIM card into your new device to activate it.

CDMA Networks will not necessarily require a sim card.  (The CDMA network provider will require the unique identification numbers from your phone to activate it in their respective networks.)

The V SQUARED will go through each network certification process before it is to be carried and supported in their stores.

What processor does the V SQUARED have in it?

2.5Ghz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 801

We choose the Snapdragon 801 processor because of its stability. The 805 is basically the same processor as the 801 but with some minor caching enhancements. A few manufacturers have had some stability issues with the 810 and we didn’t want to risk any delays on the development of the V SQUARED.

WirelessHD (WiHD)

WirelessHD (WiHD) is a technology that provides consumers with seamless wireless connectivity between digital source devices. The user can beam full HD content (movies, games, any content on the phone) from the V SQUARED to an HDTV — wirelessly. There is a chip on the V SQUARED that beams content to a receiver connected to an HDMI port on an HDTV.

We will offer for purchase a receiver device via our website in the coming weeks. Click here for a demo of WiHD in action on the V SQUARED.

The 60GHz frequency is an open frequency like the 2.4 and 5 GHz used by WiFi. The WiFi Alliance is integrating one protocol that uses this frequency. In the near future it will be a great enhancement for data transmission.  It is called WiGig or 802.11ad.

The protocol on the V SQUARED is more like HDMI. It’s purpose is uncompressed video transmission with commercial copy protection support (HDCP).  It is called Wireless HD and WiHD.  It is fully ready now and working great in the V SQUARED.

Our partners for the WiHD chips do not see a conflict between the two standards and view them as having separate purposes. We look forward to using both.