Frequently Asked Questions

Price and Shipping

How much does the V SQUARED cost?

When the Saygus Vsquared is opened for sale, the price will be posted in the shop page*.  As of April 2016, the price is set to be $650.00 (USD).

* The shop page will be available when sales begin.


Approximate ship dates?

All pre-registration orders will be shipped first.

Indiegogo orders are expected to ship immediately after.

The official shipping date will be announced soon.

How much will shipping be?

Shipping information is not available at the moment. Shipping options will be provided to you via email when your order is ready to ship.

Any VAT fees or taxes that may be required by your country will also be calculated for you. You do have the right to cancel your order if the amount added is more than expected.

Will it be available internationally?

Yes! The V SQUARED will work on initially on international GSM networks – just load your current SIM card.

Saygus will go through other worldwide carrier lab certification processes and be available on these networks later this year.