World First Wireless HD Demo on the V²

Introduction by the Founders

V² Review from CNet

V² Review from PC Mag


Some of the V² features include:

Wireless HD (WiHD)-

Created by the team that brought the HDMI technology to our TV’s, Wireless HD (60 GHz) is an impressive feature of the V². Anything on the screen of the V² can be projected to a TV monitor with a USB or HDMI port using an WiHD dongle from up to 40 feet away. Play games, make presentations, watch movies, show photos, content or surf the web on big screens with no software required.

Root access and Multi-boot Capability-

The V² is sold with root access available making it the choice for developers as well giving them the opportunity to create new programs and applications directly to the V². When root access is enabled Super User (SU) permission is available and custom firmware can be installed. The V² supports Multi-boot, meaning the phone can run software from a MicroSD card or the internal flash all at the user’s option.

User-programmable, highly customizable-

Individuals or companies are fully authorized to change out the user interface (UI) or customize software in the V² as they choose, to suit the needs of a particular industry or user preference. PC Magazine, in an article from August 15, 2011, stated that rooted capability, “could gain (Saygus) cult status among Android geeks.”

The V² beats the competition in-

Features, design, connectivity and price. Saygus expects to sell the V² for up to $100 less than competing Android-based smartphones.